Stress & Resilience Support

Stress & Resilience Support

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Feeling stressed & overwhelming? Suffering from poor sleep or  lacking in energy ? This package has all your needs covered including nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, B6 and omega 3 fatty acids which all play an important role in regulating a healthy nervous system. Symptoms of tension,  muscle aches & pains can be a sign that your nervous system is in need of additional support, with these formulas designed to calm and help relieve unrest.

Sleep ease is a herbal & nutritional formula used to help relieve mild sleep issues including restlessness, sleepiness and promote a more calming restful sleep.  

Activated B complex provides B vitamins in their active form to support energy production in the body. B vitamins are necessary for making energy in the body to maintain general well being and a healthy nervous system especially in times of fatigue and stress. 

Anxiety ease helps to reduce symptoms of mild anxiety by calming and relieving nervous system tension.


  • Sleep Ease herbs of gold 
  • Activated B Complex - herbs of gold
  • Mind Ease - herbs of gold
  • Muscle Resuscitation - herbs of gold
  • Omega 3 Concentrate - herbs of gold
  • Clean Greens Powder - body science